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Bring Your Brand to Your Market 

We believe that the Allied Inside™ model enables you as a large scale sales and distribution company to sell the Allied produced product under your brand into your markets.


By engaging in the Allied Inside™ supply chain, we believe that this enables:

  • Zero capex needed to build out the production center in your home country. ​Allied Corp. provides the product on a weekly schedule and to the specifications that the international partner orders. 

  • Zero on-going production opex costs as Allied handles this. 

  • Zero on-going operational management and human resource management risk as Allied handles all of this.

  • Zero production expertise needed as Allied handles this. 

  • Positions you for earlier market mover advantage.

  • Pricing structure that de-risks the sales cycle and allows you to bring your brand to your sales and distribution. Allied offers a pricing structure that involves a nominal up front payment followed by payment terms on the remaining amount so that the international partner can sell through into their market. 

  • Price point that delivers product to you at a lower cost than it would cost you to produce. ​​

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Click on the video below to see Allied Inside  

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